Group Visit Code of Conduct

The group visit organizer will fill out an online request form at least three weeks prior to the desired date of the visit. SUNY Orange processes group visit requests as they come in. Once the request has been submitted, the group visit organizer should hear back from a SUNY Orange representative within 2-3 business days. 

All visitors are expected to follow our Code of Conduct while visiting SUNY Orange. Please read the section below and share it with all members of your group prior to your visit.

Code of Conduct:
Groups are expected to be well-behaved and respect the campus property and the presenters/tour guides they will be working with. Visitors will be entering classroom buildings and faculty and staff will be carrying out their daily activities. It is important that visitors respect our campus since students consider the college an extension of their home. Failure to adhere to the regulations will result in your school not being allowed to visit the campus in the future. Please note that SUNY Orange staff reserve the right to end a group visit at any time if they feel visitors are breaching our Code of Conduct. Disrespect or harassment to any individual or the campus, dangerous, aggressive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Chaperones are expected to be with their group and monitor their behavior at all times. Groups must have one chaperone for every ten students visiting the campus.

If you have any questions or would like to speak about a group visit, contact our Assistant Director of Admissions, Jarrett Johnson, at 845-341-4050.

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