I Belong Philly and Da Vinci Art Alliance

Everyday Genius is a public art exhibition and social media campaign celebrating the unsung acts of leadership, innovation, and creativity that make Philadelphia so vibrant. 

In order to find the new cohort of Everyday Geniuses, Da Vinci Art Alliance has partnered with I Belong Philly - a volunteer group dedicated to serving communities in the Greater Philadelphia area.  This year, Everyday Genius will celebrate the achievements of Philadelphia’s immigrant teachers, artists, medical workers, scientists, activists and community heroes. 

We need your help! As mentioned, this year we will celebrate immigrants. To make sure we reach a wide audience and can find local gems, we have created this survey to ask the immigrant community of Philadelphia who they think should be celebrated. We are not looking for celebrities but everyday Philadelphians who are making a change in their domain. It can be the local person helping to ensure the local garden stays open and clean. It can be one of the many healthcare workers who ensure people are safe, or it can be the community member who is doing their best to improve the lives of their fellow Philadelphians.