* 1. Have you registered for the NECTAR Retreat 2017? If not, please tell us why not?

* 2. Did you come to last years NECTAR retreat - ANU's annual retreat for early career academics?

* 3. ANU is relatively unique in having an active early academic career network - what do you want to get out of that opportunity?

* 4. Are you interested in networking and building contacts with peers at ANU?

* 5. What would be of value enough to motivate you to come and socialise with NECTAR?

* 6. What days and times would work best for you to drop in to the NECTAR regular social events?

* 7. Are you interested in getting involved in NECTAR, ANU's early academic career network, and helping lead the future of this national university?

* 8. Which ANU college or school are you in?

* 9. If you want to win the prize for doing this survey - I'll need to contact you. (optional)