Donating Items to the St. Louis LGBT History Project:

The St. Louis LGBT History Project is looking for donations of St. Louis area LGBT related item(s):

-Documents, Flyers, Photos, Videos & Recordings
-Newspapers, Magazines & Books
-T-Shirts, Outfits, Buttons, Posters & Other Artifacts

How to get your item(s) to the Project:

-Please fill out this form, and a representative of the Project will contact you; OR

-Complete the form and drop your item(s) off "to the attention of the History Project" at the front desk of the LGBT Center of St. Louis, 4337 Manchester, St. Louis MO 63110, during normal business hours 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (subject to change). Please do not leave items outside of the building.

-We need to know if you are donating the item(s) to the Project or want your item photographed/scanned and returned to you.

What will happen to my donated item(s):

-Your donated item(s) will be made available for public research and display by the St. Louis LGBT History Project. Some item(s) will be archived at the State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center at UMSL and/or other archival institutions.

Thank you for contributing to St. Louis' LGBT History.

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The Project is a program of the LGBT Center of St. Louis.

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* 1. How may the Project contact you to further discuss your donating an item(s)?

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* 2. What type of item(s) do you have to donate to the Project?

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* 3. How do you plan to get your item(s) to the Project?

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* 4. Do the item(s) need to be scanned and/or photographed and returned to you?

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* 5. If you own the copyright to the donated item(s) do you wish to transfer your copyright to the Project?

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* 6. If you are the creator of the donated item(s) - artist, writer, photographer, videographer, etc., - do you give permission to the Project to use (reproduce, display, archive) your copyrighted work.

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* 7. May we list your name(s) as a contributor of the donated item(s) on the Project's website and through other communications?

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* 8. Do you need any further information? Let us know.