1. Phone Customer Service

Please answer calls regarding Financial Adjusters phone demeanor. Remember - throughout the survey - you may skip over any questions you do not want to answer, and ALL responses are completely anonymous. This information is being used to monitor our clients perceptions of our customer service and make improvements if needed! THANK YOU!

* 1. Please provide the City of your order and the name of the office representative that handled your order, if known.

* 2. Were your calls to Financial Adjusters, Inc answered promptly?

* 3. Was your call answered with courtesy and in a pleasant manner?

* 4. Did you feel as though the person who answered your call made you a priority and gave you their full attention?

* 5. If you had to be placed on hold, or transferred to another staff member, were you satisfied with your hold time?

* 6. Was your immediate need met, if possible?

* 7. Did the staff member who answered your call sound confident and knowledgeable?

* 8. Were you satisfied with the results of your call?

* 9. Please use this area to make any comments or suggestions regarding calls to our office.