Demographics Survey

A 2008 City Charter Amendment passed by the voters of San Francisco requires that appointments to City policy bodies reflect the diversity of the population and that the Department on the Status of Women analyze and report the diversity of appointments of City boards and commissions every two years. In order for the Department to effectively comply with the City Charter, we ask for your help to assist us in collecting data for each respective policy body through this short survey. For reference, previous reports can be found on our website at
Please complete the following survey by 6 pm, Friday, December 17.  
**We will ask for your name only to verify who participated. Your responses to the following questions are confidential and will only be presented through data in an anonymous and aggregate format.**
Please note that if you are a staff contact, you must select the "Staff Contact" option for #2 below and fill out the mandatory general info about your respective policy body. The survey will only display 11 questions for the staff contacts and separate demographic questions for members of Commissions & Boards. 
Thank you for your participation!

Question Title

* 2. Are you a policy body's member or staff contact/secretary?