* 1. How many days before a test should you begin studying?

* 2. According to the UNCP catalog, how many hours of general education course work, including Freshman Seminar, are needed toward each degree?

* 3. Where is one of the tutoring programs located?

* 4. Where is the Counseling and Testing Center located?

* 5. Where is the Career Center located?

* 6. As an incoming freshman with no transfer credit, how many hours of grade replacement do you receive?

* 7. What is the minimum quality point average needed for a freshman (1-29 hours) to be in “good” academic standing?

* 8. What would your Quality Point Average be for the semester if you made the following grades:

CLASS: Grade (Credit Hours)
FRS 1000: A (1)
MAT 1050: B (3)
BIO 1000: B (3)
BIO 1000L: A (1)
ENG 1050: B (3)
HST 1020: C (3)
PED 1300: A (1)

* 9. According to the UNCP catalog, how many hours do you need to be considered a sophomore