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People who experience harassment or intimidation often keep quiet, especially if they come from an underrepresented group (e.g. women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+). This creates a perception that there isn't a need to have things like a Code of Conduct and consequences in place for violations.

If you have ever experienced or witnessed harassment or intimidation at a RIPE Meeting, please let us know simply with a Y/N.

Our intention is to shine a light on the magnitude of the problem so that we can work together to create a safer RIPE Meeting for all. *This is not a reporting tool*

If you would like to share an example of your experience, please submit them separately in the comment boxes below.

Please do not include any identifying information (like dates or names).

This survey will be open until the end of RIPE 79. We will report back on:

- # of responses received
- The results of the Y/N question
- # of stories submitted

No identifying details in any story will be shared. Please do not include these. 

The data is visible to one person within the TF. The survey and all related data will be permanently deleted at the end of RIPE 79.

The RIPE NCC has no involvement in this survey - including
collecting or analysing the survey data or presenting the results.

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* 1. Have you ever experienced harassment, intimidation or any other unwanted behaviour while at a RIPE Meeting? 

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* 2. One time at a RIPE Meeting...

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* 3. Another time...

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* 4.  Another time...

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* 5. Another time...

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