Spring 2017 - 4/30, 5/7, 5/21, 5/28, and 6/4

9:30 Courses:
Create Some Kindness – *appropriate for ages 8 and up*
Come work with Danielle Levesque and Reilly and Allison Leaver as we make crafts to spread kindness. All of us love to make things and we have lots of ideas and experience. Each week we'll do a different craft using words and materials that inspire us and others to be kind and help make our world a better place. We'll create things like mini handmade books, painted rocks to hide for others to find, paper flowers to leave on someone's doorsteps, magic wands - to spread kindness magic, of course, and more. We hope you'll take your projects and give them to someone you don't know well yet, leave them in a public space for others to find, or place them in a space that needs a little more cheer and positive energy. If you like to make stuff, this workshop is most definitely for you!
(our projects are pretty complex and require patience and dexterous fingers, so ages 8 and up, please)

Science is Real—*appropriate for ages 8 and up*
Each week, a different UUCSS scientist or science enthusiast will lead a class on a different area of science. Do fun, hands on activities exploring space, optics, math puzzles, water conservation, and paleontology!

Make Your Own Little Village—*appropriate for all ages*
Add a little "character" to your life! Join us and make a wide variety of clothespin people to play with, share, or to create magic. This easy, old fashioned craft will use simple materials like vintage fabrics, buttons, and beads from a multi-generational stash. Drop in for one class or the entire series. We will have a variety of easy projects or follow your imagination.

Let's Talk—*appropriate for all ages*
Have you ever wanted to improve your skills at speaking out loud? Join this workshop that will help you develop your public speaking skills through speech and improv games and exercises! 

11:30 Courses:
There are no workshops during the 11:30 service. Children are encouraged to attend a workshop at 9:30 or to attend the 11:30 worship service. Please contact Sarah Gonzalez at dre@uucss.org for questions about the 11:30 service.

Note: The 9:30 Preschool will continue through 6/4/17.

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