Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers. We value your opinion and welcome your ideas and suggestions to help us serve you better. Please help us evaluate and improve our services by completing the brief survey below:

* 1. What type of program did you participate in?

* 2. Where did your program take place?

* 3. How were the conditions of the facility where the program occurred?

* 4. How did you find out about the program?

* 5. How do you feel about the program's registration fee?

* 6. How would you describe the volunteers' behavior?

* 7. How would you rate program organizers in responsiveness to participant concerns?

* 8. How would you describe the level of competitiveness in this program?

* 9. Have you participated in this program before?

* 10. How would you rate your overall experience with this program/activity?

If you have any additional comments or concerns that are specific to your experience and did not appear in the questions above, please share your thoughts by emailing ccrec@ccg.carr.org