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* 1. Do you prepare Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans?

* 2. Are you a member of a professional society (PENC, ACEC, ASCE, etc.) and, if so, which one?

* 3. For the following questions, please select a range for your response.

  0-5% 5% - 10% 10% - 20% 20% - 50% >50%
What percentage of your firm's project work is dedicated to preparing ESC plans?
For projects on which you are providing multiple services (i.e. ESC plans, stormwater management design, overall site development), what percentage of the total budget cost (labor hours) is devoted to preparing ESC plans?
On average, what is the percentage of plans that you submit to DLR that are disapproved as a result of their review?

* 4. Do you use the ESC design manual provided by the North Carolina Division of Land Resources (NCDLR) for design guidelines in preparing ESC plans?

* 5. What is the typical turnaround time from NCDLR or its delegated local erosion control programs on approval of ESC plans, including requests for more information or revisions?

* 6. Which DENR regional offices do you most frequently work with?

* 7. What are the common reasons for disapproval of plans that your firm submits to NCDLR?

* 8. What comments or suggestions do you have (if any) for improving the ESC review and approval process?

* 9. For the following statements, please check the response that most reflects your opinion.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
I find the ESC manual in designing ESC measures and preparing ESC plans helpful.
I am satisfied with DLR's review and approval process for ESC plans.
Erosion and sediment control is relatively simple and straightforward design process that can be performed by all job levels of a firm.
Preparation of ESC Plans doesn’t justify special training or more than minor involvement of senior review engineers.
The competitive business environment requires our firm to minimize the time, effort and expense of erosion and sediment control design.
I/We like the design standards provided in the ESC Planning and Design Manual because I/we can plug them into a design quickly and don’t have to do much original or site-specific design.
The design standards provided in the ESC Planning and Design Manual are too stringent and result in overkill on most projects.
The effort required to prepare a comprehensive and rigorous E&SC plan is not justified due to the lack of mandatory follow through by engineers during construction.
E&SC requirements vary so much between DENR’s regional offices and delegated local programs that I/we just let them tell me/us what is required for each project.
The concerns about quality of ESC plan submittals are unwarranted; I/we place as much emphasis on ESC design as any other aspect of site design.
I/we believe that emphasis on the importance of a well-prepared ESC plan is warranted to our clients in discussions of project schedules and budgets.