Water Material Inventory

The Village of Arena is conducting a water service pipe survey to help monitor and replace lead service lines in compliance with the EPA’s lead and copper rule revisions. The Village of Arena is working hard to confirm that the materials in the water system are known, inventoried, and up to monitored standards. Unfortunately, the Village will not be able to meet the requirements set by DNR to meet the inventory by August 1, 2024 without your help with this survey. Please return this survey to the Village of Arena Office or enter the Survey results on the Village’s website at www.villageofarenawi.gov by 5/17/2024.
If you need assistance with any of the questions on this survey, do not hesitate to call the Village of Arena Public Works for help at 608-459-5838!
2.Building Type(Required.)
3.Point-of-entry or point-of use Treatment Present? (Ex. Water Softener, Filtration, Osmosis)(Required.)
4.What is the installation date for your property side service line (to Home)? (Year home built -- If you do not know your exact date, give us a year or closest decade.)(Required.)
5.What is your property side service line material (From Street)?(Required.)
6.Inside Building Plumbing Material? (Plumbing after the meter – To Home) Check all that apply:(Required.)
7.Estimated Year the majority of the building plumbing was installed

The four-digit year that the interior premise plumbing was installed (remodeled or repaired a water line break). If the exact year is not known, you may enter the decade if the decade is not the 1980s. If the decade is the 1980s, you may enter one of the following: 1983-1984, <1983, or >1984