Help Set Research Priorities in Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction!

Over 700 patients, care-givers and clinicians participated in the first survey. Between them, they suggested over 2000 ideas, and we have now summarized these into 48 questions for research. We need YOUR help ranking these questions and setting priorities for post mastectomy breast reconstruction research.

We want to hear from:

o    Women who have undergone or are currently waiting for a mastectomy (for treatment or prevention of breast cancer)

o    Friends and family of women who have had or will undergo mastectomy

o    Health and social care providers (including doctors, nurses, social workers and others who care for patients who have undergone a mastectomy or breast reconstruction)

o    People who are interested in this topic


Please let us know which uncertainties you most want answered by researchers. The top 20-25 questions will be taken to a full day workshop in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday July 2nd 2019 where the top 10 will be agreed. If you are interested in participating, please fill out your contact information and a brief reason why you are interested at the end of the survey.

[By completing this questionnaire you have consented to participate in the study. Any information we collect will remain confidential and we will not identify any individuals who took part in this survey. Data will be kept at the University Health Network in Toronto and only the study team will have access to it]