Thank you for your interest in proposing a module for inclusion in AMEE's ESME course series. This form can be used by those with a suggestion for a module they would like to participate in, as well as by those who wish to author a module. There is no limit to the number of modules you can propose but you will need to complete a separate proposal for each.

ESME courses aim to provide health professions educators with the ‘essential skills’ required by their roles. Rather than providing a ‘how-to’ guide, the focus is on supplying broadly transferrable educational principles which can be interpreted and applied by practitioners in their own contexts. All of our online courses are made up of a series of short, self-paced modules.

In order for a course/module proposal to be considered for inclusion in the ESME portfolio, the following criteria must be met:
  • The topic or theme must be relevant to a broad group of health professions educators
  • The topic or theme must be of international relevance
  • The topic or theme must map to AMEE’s content framework (below)
  • There must be quantifiable evidence of demand for a module on the topic or theme
  • The proposed module lead must have demonstrable experience and expertise in the field
AMEE's 3-circle model
Meeting these criteria does not guarantee that a proposal will be accepted, as development priorities are set based on a number of other factors, including cost and development capacity; to this end, all proposals will be subject to an initial review by the AMEE Education team for completeness, 'fit' with existing programmes and evidence of need/demand for the topic.

Following this initial review we will approach potential module leads to ascertain their interest and invite them to add to the proposal if they were not the submitter. The final proposal will be passed for peer-review by a panel of AMEE volunteers and then for final review and selection by the AMEE Education Advisory Board, after which successful proposals will be prioritised for development.

Please be aware that we receive many excellent proposals and are only able to accept a small number of these for development. Completing this form does not guarantee that we will be able to introduce your proposed module into our programme. The Advisory Board meets three times a year and details of the next meeting and corresponding deadlines for submission and acceptance of proposals will be available on the AMEE website.

You can contact us via if you have any questions about this form or about our development process.

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