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Ideum, Inc., in collaboration with the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), is developing new open source software tools for the development of electronic exhibits. A suite of three editable templates for computer-based exhibits will be built specifically for use in science museums, but will be broadly applicable in a variety of museum settings. We hope that the new software, along with training and support, will help museums like yours to develop high-quality electronic exhibits that are affordable and effective in engaging the public. Your responses to the following questions will help us to design the project to best serve your needs.

The survey contains 35 questions. We will share the results with everyone who completes the survey.

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4. Which of the following best describes your institution? (please select one)

5. How would you rate the size of the exhibit space at your institution? (please select one)

6. What category most closely represents your institution's annual operating budget? (please select one)

7. Please estimate your annual attendance:

8. Do you provide targeted programming to any of the following special groups? (please check all that apply)

9. Please estimate the number of full time staff at your institution:

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11. Please estimate the number of Information Technology staff (full or part time) at your institution: