Why Report to BPAB?

The more the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAB) for the City of Conway, Arkansas knows about how Conway citizens & visitors use the infrastructure we have, the more we can advise the City Council on the best ways to expand it.

As Conway expands our infrastructure (safely & smartly), our city will become more bike friendly, more run & walk friendly - leading to safer routes for students to take to schools.

Note: all questions are relating to infrastructure use within Conway, Arkansas city limits.

We encourage each member of your household to use this form every month - even if the answer is across the board "not applicable" - because you telling us you DIDN'T use infrastructure is just as important as you telling us you did.

And yes, we would love to have information shared regarding young people's use of Conway's bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure. We just ask that a responsible adult assist minors in sharing such information.

Question Title

* Have you reported your infrastructure use to BPAB before?