In response to the member requests we receive for benchmarking information, the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association is collecting important data to use in the development of reports and our next "Big Book" that will be shared with our membership for educational purposes. Our members are curious to learn whether a newspaper of their size and scope is performing similarly to others like them, so the information you provide will be a useful teaching tool for all.

Please rest assured that the information you provide through this survey will be kept strictly confidential. It will only be used in aggregate, along with the responses from all of our members, to develop the materials that will be shared. 

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and you may exit and return to it again if you need to research any of your answers. If you have responsibility for more than one publication, please complete an individual survey for each paper.

If possible, please complete the survey by Friday, August 9.

Thank you for your participation.