Pre-Register for the 2017 Extol Skate Jam (

Saturday, October 14, 2017
Noon to 4 pm
11:30 am Registration Opens
Event is FREE to skate and FREE to watch and FREE to eat.  
Complete the information herein to pre-register to compete in the Extol Skate Jam.

In exchange for your pre-registration, if you choose, you will be entered into a drawing for a prize package which will be awarded at the Extol Skate Jam on October 14. See Question #6 below to enter. 

* 1. Tell us your first and last name and any nickname you use

* 2. Extol would like to put you in the right contest grouping, if possible, so tell us your age.

* 3. Extol would like to put you in the right contest grouping, if possible, so tell us about your skate ability.

* 4. Expectations 

The Extol Skate Jam is an opportunity for skaters of all ages and abilities to celebrate the sport, compete, hang out and make some friends.   

Extol will provide an opportunity to chill with and hear from Brian Sumner, chow down on great food, listen to some good music, participate in some contests and have a shot at a great lineup of prizes. 

Here are some things we want to make sure you know. 

> Helmets will be necessary to complete in the best trick contest. 
> Extol would like to have a signed participation waiver from all contestants 
> Under age of 18? A Parent or guardian can sign the participation waiver. 

Type your full name below to show you understand these expectations and you are cool sticking to them for the Extol Skate Jam. 

* 5. Contests

Here is the lineup:

> Games of Skate - Depending on the number of skaters, Extol will arrange skaters into groups based on age/or ability. We will have groups compete and then have winners from each group go head-to-head. You can expect Brian Sumner to compete against the finalists in a killer finale.   
> Best Trick - Extol will pick 2-3 different obstacles and allow skaters of different abilities to lay down the best trick. Judges, including Brian Sumner, will help select winners. 

Extol will award top finishers in each contest with a choice of a Reliance skateboard deck AND a choice of Extol custom grip tape AND a place-winner certificate signed by Brian Sumner. 

Chose the contest(s) you in which you would like to participate. 

* 6. If you would like, please type your email address and/or your Instagram handle to enter into a drawing with the others who pre-register for a chance to win an Extol Skate Jam prize package (pair of Element Trucks with hardware, set of Bearings and set of Embrace Brian Sumner wheel set)

Prize will be awarded at the start of the Extol Skate Jam. You must be at the Extol Skate Jam to win.  

* 7. We look forward to seeing you on October 14, 2017. Please arrive by 11:30 to sign in and complete your official registration.

Also, let's get a signed registration/waiver before you skate. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian can sign for you, so bring them along so they can sign. They are welcome to hang out at Extol and enjoy the atmosphere.

Want a waiver in advance just in case a parent or guardian cannot hang with us? That's ok. Email with "request for waiver" in subject line and we will send one to you. 

Please type your full name in the box below and we will be waiting to get you signed in starting at 11:30 am on Saturday, October 14. 

We look forward to seeing you.

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