Texas Parks and Wildlife Lake Jacksonville Angler Survey

A group of anglers in the Lake Jacksonville area have requested that TPWD consider a modification to the current 18-inch minimum length, 5-fish/day daily bag limit for largemouth bass on Lake Jacksonville (in effect since 2000). A compromise regulation has been proposed that would remove the minimum length limit; however, only two largemouth bass less than 18 inches could be retained each day. Combined daily bag limit for all species of black bass would remain 5-fish/day; (this regulation is currently in effect at Lake O. H. Ivie in West Texas). Although the Jacksonville anglers understand that there are potential risks associated with revision of the regulation, including the possibility of fewer fish over 18 inches; they believe the benefits to tournament activity resulting from the ability to retain two fish below 18 inches justify those risks.
Texas Parks and Wildlife would like to know your opinion regarding this proposed change. In the following questions, please tell us about your fishing activity and experience by selecting the most appropriate answer. For questions with more than one answer please select all options that apply. The information you provide will remain strictly confidential and you will not be identified with your answers.

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* 1. If you had your choice of largemouth bass harvest regulations at Lake Jacksonville would you rather (choose one).

* 2. On the average, how many trips a year do you make to fish Lake Jacksonville?

* 4. When fishing for largemouth bass at Lake Jacksonville do you? (Please select the most appropriate answer)?

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