Fourth Grade

* 1. You are visiting your friend Salvador from Venezuela on his birthday and all of his family shows up for the celebration. You meet everyone and remember most of their names but for some reason, you can’t remember his grandfather’s name. How do you ask Salvador his grandfather’s name?

* 2. You are house sitting for a friend that lives in the Dominican Republic. While you are watching television, there is a knock at the door. How do you ask the person who is at the door?

* 3. You are an exchange student living in Spain and you want to get a drink of water from the kitchen. How do you ask someone from your host family, “Where are the glasses?”

* 4. You are talking to your friend from Costa Rica on the phone, how do you ask him in Spanish to describe his house to you?”

* 5. Your favorite animal in the world is the Bottle Nose Dolphin. How do you ask your friend from Chile,” Which is your favorite animal?”