SWTJC...How Are We Doing?

The Writing Center is committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide, as part of an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance. (All submissions are anonymous.)

* 1. What town is the Writing Center you attend most often located in?

* 2. Please rate the following aspects of our tutoring program.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Understanding the material to tutor
Communicating clearly and effectively
Offering help in a reasonable amount of time

* 3. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with each study leader's ability to help you.

  Excellent Good Adequate Poor Unacceptable N/A
Jesus Hernandez
Sierra Jackson
Amy Romo
Krystal Silva
Beth Ann Wojtkowiak

* 4. Please explain your answer(s) to question 3.

* 5. Overall, did you get the help you needed and came into the center for?

* 6. If you have any suggestions regarding how we could improve the services we provide to you, please enter them in the box below.

* 7. Please provide any additional feedback below.