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To create a more attractive business climate for the state, Governor Jindal is proposing that Louisiana eliminate its personal and corporate income taxes. The governor’s plan would raise revenue through higher sales taxes and fewer exemptions. What would these changes mean for Louisiana’s low and middle income families? How will the plan impact the competitiveness of retailers, both in-state and online? Would current incentives, like the media and film tax exemption, be spared?

This survey has no policy agenda, or ultimate goal. We are only interested in your opinion.

* 1. How closely are you following changes to the tax code and tax exemptions?

* 2. In your opinion, are Louisiana’s taxes higher or lower compared to other states?

* 3. Thinking about state income taxes, would you say that state income taxes are too high and need to be reduced, too low and need to be increased, or just about right?

* 4. What about the state sales tax, would you say that the state sales tax is too high and needs to be reduced, too low and needs to be increased, or just about right?

* 5. What about local property taxes, would you say local property taxes are too high and need to be reduced, too low and need to be increased, or just about right?

* 6. As you may know, the Louisiana state legislature can address budget shortfalls by cutting spending, raising taxes, or a combination of the two. Ideally, how would you prefer to see the state legislature attempt to address budget shortfalls: only with spending cuts, only with tax increases or some combination of both?

* 7. Overall, how fair do you think Louisiana’s current tax system is? Would you say that our tax system is:

* 8. Which of the following bothers you most about state taxes?

* 9. As you may have heard, Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed eliminating state income and corporate taxes while raising state sales taxes. Do you think this is a good idea, a bad idea, or haven’t you given it enough thought?

* 10. Which of the following comes closest to expressing what you think the primary purpose of state taxes should be?