What is this study about?

Pastors sometimes do things that are wrong or that cause harm to people. This could involve misusing power and authority, taking advantage of someone, acting unethically, being negligent, or even doing something illegal. Such behaviors are known as clergy misconduct.

Sometimes congregation members know that something wrong was done. They might have even raised their concerns with leadership in the church. Other times people don’t realize that something wrong happened.

Misconduct  occurs in all professions that involve helping others in some way (e.g. psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc.). So far, very little research on clergy misconduct has been completed.   

This study will examine clergy misconduct. A published piece of research will be produced upon completion.

If you experienced clergy misconduct  while you were attending a church, perhaps you would be interested in sharing your story and participating in this study. Many such stories will be collected and the results will be analyzed together as a multiple case study.