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Interested in planning a LGBTQIA+ youth event and creating a meaningful and empowering event? 
Then why not apply for a role in the LGBTQIA+ Youth Soiree Working Group!
This event and working group is proudly presented and supported by both Brimbank and Maribyrnong Youth Services. 
As a member of the LGBTQIA+ Youth Soiree Working Group, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Be a representative of LGBTQIA+ and Ally identifying young people in the West of Melbourne
  • Work with other likeminded young people on a youth-led project to create positive changes
  • Build meaningful connections within your community and other services and organisations
  • Meet with Council and other organisations, develop skills, build networks and gain experience
All young people aged 15 to 25 who live, work, study or have a strong connection to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne are welcome to apply.
Fill out the application form by 5pm on the 17th of July 2023

In this application, we ask a few demographic related questions, such as age, gender, cultural background and connection to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. 
This information is kept private and is only collected to ensure we represent the diverse voices from our community in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.  

If you find any of the questions in this form a little confusing or want more information, please email Brimbank or Maribyrnong Youth Services on:

  • Brimbank Youth Services: bys@brimbank.vic.gov.au or call 0438 798 847
  • Maribyrnong Youth Services: phoenix@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au or call 03 9091 4700.

Brimbank and Maribyrnong Youth Services is committed to creating a safe and inclusive community.
This program values ALL young people and the diversity they bring through their sexualities, genders, ages, ethnicities, cultures and abilities.
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