1. Introduction

The European Pain Federation EFIC Education Committee are examining the provision of Pain Education within Medical, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Psychology Training Programmes across Europe, as well as the availability of Postgraduate Pain Specialisation Options for these health professional groups.

Quality of Pain Education in Training Programmes across Europe will be bench-marked against the four EFIC Curricula for Pain Medicine, Pain Physiotherapy, Pain Psychology, and Pain Nursing to identify gaps in education.
The study is led by Dr Mary O'Keeffe (EFIC's Research Projects Advisor), in close collaboration with Nathan Skidmore (EFIC Research Assistant).

Steering Committee Members are: Associate Professor Brona Fullen, Professor Harriet Wittink, Professor Bart Morlion, Professor Ed Keogh, Felicia Cox, Dr Andreas Kopf, and Professor Frank Huygen.
The Methodology consists of:

1.   A Survey to seek programme information from Medical, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Psychology training schools across Europe

2.   Interviews with key organisations responsible for Medical, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Nursing Higher Education in Europe, and EFIC councillors

3.   Consensus meetings with the Steering Committee (+ input of European Pain Forum organisations' leadership)

The study is funded by Grünenthal. Grünenthal have no role in the design, data collection, or analysis of the study results. 
The Survey is ready to complete. We are inviting individuals who are employed in European institutions and who have a role in the delivery and/development of education within these disciplines to complete it.
The Participation Information Sheet can be read and downloaded here. Participation involves completing one online survey. 
The full Survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. If education about pain does not feature in the Medical, Physiotherapy, Nursing, or Psychology Training Programme that you are referring to, the Survey will take <2 minutes to complete.
The European Pain Federation EFIC respects your privacy and all responses will be anonymized. The Survey has received Ethical Approval from the University College of Dublin Human Research Ethics Committee. 
Any questions about this Survey or the Pain Education Study should be sent first to EFIC's Research Projects Advisor Dr Mary O'Keeffe mary.okeeffe@efic.org  
Thank you for your interest in this important work.
~ European Pain Federation Education Committee