* 1. On a scale (1-10) 10 being Excellent, 1 being unsatisfactory, How would you rate the S.F.B.A.L.E.E.S. as an organization?

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Row 1

* 2. Have you attended any S.F.B.A.L.E.E.S. Events?

* 3. If you attended SFBALEES events in the past, what would you suggest we do in the future to get more members involved?

* 4. What do you think the S.F.B.A.L.E.E.S. needs to do to get more people involved in events, meetings, etc?

* 5. Do you feel that the SFBALEES website is easy to navigate?

* 6. What events would you like to see the SFBALEES hold in the future?

* 7. The SFBALEES events are put on exclusively by volunteers, if asked would you be willing to help host, plan, set-up, take-down an event?

* 8. The SFBALEES holds board meetings on the first Thursday of the month, usually at the United Irish Cultural Center from 7pm - 10pm. Would you be willing to attend meetings?

* 9. The SFBALEES has several merchandise items for sale via an online store. Have you purchased SFBALEES merchandise from the online website? If so was it easy to navigate?

* 10. General Feedback: Is there anything not covered in this survey that the SFBALEES could do to improve participation?