* 1. Would you ever consider using a face painter?

* 2. Have you ever had yours or a child’s face painted at an event?

* 3. What sort of price would you expect to pay for a:

* 4. Have you ever hired a face painter for your own event? eg. Birthday Party

* 5. Keeping in mind a face painter will paint about 10 full faces per hour, do you feel that £40 is a reasonable price for the first hour with £30 for each additional hour?

* 6. Would you expect to pay more or less for this service? What would you suggest?

* 7. How much more would you be willing to pay if the face painter offered a party package?
This would involve a small party bag for each child, a hour of face painting and half an hour of party games.

* 8. Would you be more likely to hire a face painter dressed as a character?
Eg. Fairy or Pirate.

* 9. What is the most important thing you would consider when hiring a face painter?

* 10. How many children do you have and what are their ages?