Nottingham New Theatre production of Women of Troy

Research Project: “But was it really like that?” Ideas of ‘Authenticity’ in Representations of the Ancient World.

Researcher: Dr. L.S. Fotheringham

You are being invited to take part in a research study. This page will explain to you why the survey is being carried out and what will happen to the data.

I am a researcher at the University of Nottingham investigating ideas of 'authenticity' which inform the production and reception of popular fiction and drama related to the ancient Greco-Roman world. In this case I am investigationg what ideas of authenticity, in terms of ‘Greek-ness’ or ‘tragic-ness’, are held by the audience of the New Theatre's production of Euripides’ “Women of Troy”, 6th-9th May 2015. As a member of this audience, you have chosen to attend a performance of Greek tragedy; the questions in this survey will explore issues such as why you chose to do this, what your expectations were, and what you thought of the performance.

Some of the questions on this survey relate to your views and knowledge before seeing the performance, while other questions relate to your views and knowledge after seeing it. You can start filling in the survey either before or after seeing the performance. If you are starting after seeing the performance, please think back to what you thought and knew beforehand when filling in p.4. If you are starting before seeing the performance, you can fill in and submit pages 1 to 4, and come back later to fill in page 5. In this case, you are asked to provide a codeword so that your answers on the two occasions can be matched up.

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. Your participation involves filling in an on-line questionnaire. You can answer as many or as few of the questions as you feel comfortable with, e.g. if you are not happy identifying your age, gender, degree-course, etc., you can simply skip that question. No personal information that could lead to your being identified (e.g. name, address) is asked for or retained. You are not being asked to give your name or any other information that could lead to your being identified; consequently, all the data you supply will be anonymous. Cookies, personal data stored by your Web browser, are not used in this survey (which is why I need a codeword to match up your answers if you fill different parts of the survey at different times).

There are 28 questions on this survey, of which 5 relate to your consent to participate, and 2 relate to the codeword. Of the remaining questions, the majority are multiple-choice questions, and most of the others can be answered in a few words.

The information gathered through this survey will be used to generate a picture of the audience for the production. The data themselves will be kept in my own personal research files, and nobody else will have access to them. The picture generated from the data may be used in a planned monograph entitled: “But was it really like that?” Ideas of ‘Authenticity’ in Representations of the Ancient World, or in other publications on the topic. I may blog about the aspects of the survey on the Classics Department blog (

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If you are interested in Greek drama more generally, and especially activities relating to it in Nottingham, you might like to find the CADRE (Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception) Community Page on Facebook.