Dakota Ridge / 311 Mapleton Open Space Petition

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To the Members of the Boulder City Council, Planning Board, and Open Space Board of Trustees
February 2018

 We the undersigned urge you to maintain the current Open Space - Other
(OS-O) designation on the 4+ acre parcel at the northwest corner of the
15-acre 311 Mapleton property and thereby protect this historic eastern
gateway to the Sanitas Valley.

By doing so you will:

HONOR the resolution to preserve all Dakota Ridge from Mapleton to Linden Avenues, which was adopted in 1970 by City Council at the request of the
Dakota Ridge Committee and 2,857 petitioners.

SUPPORT the ongoing public use of the parcel for vehicular and pedestrian
access up Maxwell Street west of 4th Street.

MAINTAIN the upper parking lot to alleviate pressure on street parking in the adjacent neighborhoods.

UTILIZE this parcel “to shape the development of the city, to limit urban
sprawl and to discipline growth”. *  

PREVENT excavation and development of this steep slope and minimize the
danger of mudslides on homes below.

SUSTAIN existing cultural and environmental resources on this historic
portion of the Dakota Ridge Open Space.

PROTECT Boulder’s iconic mountain backdrop.

PRESERVE this land for its “contribution to the quality of life of the
community”. *

* City of Boulder Charter (1986) Open Space Purposes-Open Space Land