The concept explored by this survey are in support of a graduate program at Stanford University. Your feedback is an important part of our success. Thank you for your time in taking this survey!

* 1. Do you currently use multiple providers for automative services (mechanic, dealership, quick oil change, etc.)?

* 2. Do you currently keep detailed records on your automobile (maintenance and repairs)?

* 3. Do you believe that proactive maintenance of your vehicle reduces overall automotive operating costs?

* 4. Do you believe that comprehensive maintenance records increase the value of your automobile at resale?

* 5. Would you use a automotive records web site if it was free and easy to use?

* 6. Would you you be more likely to use the service if it tied to your existing social network?

* 7. Would you be more likely to use the service if it included web and mobile access that allowed you to upload your own data?

* 8. Would you be more likely to use a particular mechanic or routine automotive maintenance provider if they had the ability to upload maintenance data automatically for your vehicles?

* 9. Please rank the following attributes of this service:

  Not important Slightly important Important Very important Most important
Comprehensive record of automative maintainence history
Provision of predictive diagnostics information
Use of information to receive tailored offers from service providers
Customer ratings/ranking of car repair shops

* 10. Please provide any additional feedback that you believe would be helpful to the venture including requested features, barriers to usage, or other information: