* 1. MST tablets can be crushed for administration down an nasogastric tube or PEG tube

* 2. The perception or appraisal of pain dertermines how people experience and react to pain

* 3. Patients on Citalopram can take Tramadol?

* 4. NSAIDS reduce opoid consumption if given regularly with opoids and minimise thier side effects

* 5. Allodynia is pain due to a stimulus that does not normally provoke pain?

* 6. The Gate Control theory is the only theory on how pain happens

* 7. Oxycontin 10mg is equal to Morphine 20mgs

* 8. Does it matter what time of the day 'Transdermal patches' are applied to the patient?

* 9. The assessment of pain is always 'objective'?

* 10. Behavioural cues are used to indicate if a patient with dementia has pain?

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