We need your 2 cents...

There is no such thing as *perfect* but we can always do better and this is the whole purpose of this survey.

To find out what YOU think of your new ZONKT threadz.

The best way for us to perfect our cuts and ensure a proper fit for ALL our customers is to understand you, what you like, what you don't like and know your actual size, not the calculated the measure manufacturers think we are.

I want my sizing to reflect real humans and to do that I need your help!

So, in my endeavour to create clothing that fits us all, from all shapes, heights and sizes. I need your input! 

If you are not comfortable with completing any of the questions or participating in the survey, that is totally fine. I appreciate that time is precious.

But if you can spare a minute or 3  I would be so thankful as it will help me continue to determine how to continue to improve my cuts across my sizes, my sizing charts and my product offerings.

Kim xx

Question Title

* 1. What was the size + item purchased at ZONKT?

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* 2. If you purchased leggings, what fabric did you choose?

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* 3. Over all, how would you rate your items fit?

0 0 = Bad | 10 = Fantastic 10
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. How would you describe the fit of the item?

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* 5. If we did perfect the fit, what would you like to see? Taking into account we are already in the process of adding to our size range.
(i.e tighter around knee, a legging range tailored for under 5.5ft, perhaps some more in-between sizes, less generic M-L, L-XL and more M, L, XL etc???)

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* 6. What is your usual size in other brands of similar make?

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How to measure...

<strong>How to measure...</strong>

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* 7. To be able to ensure our Size Chart is accurate + reflects all shapes, we are looking to collect as much data as possible. The more data the more accurate the Size Chart. 
(please note: You do not have to complete this if you are not comfortable in doing so, this is for my eyes [Kim's - owner of Zonkt] only, it is also anonymous, used for data purposes.)

Ok... now just ONE final questions whilst we have you.

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* 8. What do you love most about ZONKT?