What is a mood board?

Several focus groups and stakeholder interviews for the Calumet Heritage Area identity and branding project revealed many key themes about what makes this place special to people in the region. The feedback received was used to create mood boards that capture elements of the area’s unique charm. Like a Pinterest board, a mood board is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. that help us understand a visual idea - and in this survey, the mood boards showcase different visual directions we could explore for the Calumet Heritage Area logo and brand.

Through conversations with the project Steering Committee, focus group attendees and invitees, and previous survey respondents, we hope to gain consensus and feedback on the aesthetic look and feel for the logo and typography.

After we compile feedback on the mood boards, the next step will be the creation of three concepts for the Calumet Heritage Area logo and brand. These three concepts could be all in one mood/direction, or could explore one of each of the directions, depending on the feedback we receive. Our goal is to capture the vibrancy and diversity of the region in each of the logo/graphic concepts, as well as through the eventual brand photography and storytelling.

Calumet Heritage Area
The Calumet Heritage Area will connect residents and visitors from the Pullman National Monument in Illinois to the Indiana Dunes National Park, advance economic opportunity in the Calumet, and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors from across the nation. For more information on the Calumet Heritage Area, please visit calumetheritagearea.org

Survey Instructions
Please review the 3 mood boards and their sub elements on the following pages. You will be asked to rate each of the sub elements, and provide comments (if any).  Finally, you will rank the mood boards from favorite to least favorite. Depending on how many comments you choose to share, the survey will take anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. Your responses will help us understand your preferred direction for the Calumet Heritage Area brand.

Why do these mood boards not include images of the Calumet region?
These boards do not have any specific references to the Calumet region because they are explorations of design aesthetics in relation to other projects. It is important to remember that the mood boards are only showing examples and visual directions the brand could take- the mood boards are not representations of the actual Calumet Heritage Area logo and brand. 

This survey is open until April 28th.