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The MUS Wellness Departmental Awards Program recognizes departments within the Montana University System that actively promote a healthy work environment for employees.
To earn a Departmental Wellness Award, a department must apply for the recognition and meet a certain number of criteria within three separate categories:  Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Culture.  The criteria are presented as a menu of choices, to allow departments flexibility in how they choose to promote wellness.  Departments must also provide a brief written statement describing why the department deserves recognition, and submit a photograph of a department wellness initiative or event.
Award levels consist of Copper, Silver, and Gold, and are awarded on a fiscal year basis.  Departments may apply any time, before May 15th for an award in the current fiscal year.  Award recipients will receive a plaque for the department, recognition on the MUS Wellness website and Montana Moves & Meals Blog, and a special swag item for individuals in the department.
To earn a Department Recognition Award, a department must meet the minimum number of criteria in all three categories (Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Culture), according to the chart below.  Departments may select the criteria within each category to implement from the menu provided: 

Physical Activity
Criteria Achieved
Nutrition Criteria Achieved Culture Criteria Achieved
Copper 2 3 7
Silver 3 4 9
Gold 4 5 11