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* 1. High-Performance People
  • Our ability to attract, and retain, high-performance '4-Minute Milers' is like:

* 2. Scaling Without Complication
  • If we got an order today that doubled the size of our company, our panic level would be:

* 3. Profit Fade
  • In describing our company's ability to build and maintain profits, we'd describe it as:

* 4. Cashflow
  • If our cash flow was water and we were in a desert, then our ability to survive would be:

* 5. Bench Strength
  • If we were a basketball team and our 'Starting 5' couldn't play, our chance of winning would be:

* 6. Clarity
  • Business is complicated! How functional are you and your team in getting your mind around the entire operation?

* 7. Adapting
  • The world has changed! Our organizations, and my personal ability to change with it, would be:

* 8. Time to Think
  • My ability to break away and have time for strategic, clarifying thinking is:

* 9. Your score rating
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