Help us create tupeka kore / smokefree grounds at Waikato Hospital

Waikato District Health Board is committed to making a tupeka kore (tobacco free) / smokefree New Zealand by 2025. While we are some way there, collectively we know we have some way to go. 

As a priority, the DHB wants to reenergise efforts on creating smokefree campuses; in particular Waikato Hospital grounds where smoking in smokefree zones still persists.

We would appreciate your time to answer a short anonymous survey that will take around 2-3minutes.

Your answers will help us better understand behaviours of patients, visitors, and staff who smoke on Waikato Hospital grounds so we can work on new forms of communication that will help provide a supportive smokefree environment.

Thank you very much for your support from Waikato DHB.

* 1. When did you last visit / stay in Waikato HospitalName:

* 2. What was the purpose of coming to Waikato Hospital?

* 3. Do you smoke?

* 4. Are you a current Waikato DHB employee?

* 5. Are you aware of the Waikato Hospital Smokefree policy? – this means that smoking is not allowed inside any Waikato Hospital Building or any of the outside areas that are on the hospital site/property such as entrances to buildings, pathways and car parks etc.

* 6. While you were on the hospital grounds did you smoke?

* 7. Did you notice the No Smoking signs on Waikato Hospital grounds

* 8. What do you think could improve our hospital grounds to be smoke-free?

* 9. Did you know about these support service

* 10. If you would like more involvement please leave your contact details