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Thank you in advance for your participation in our 15 minute survey. You will be contributing to helping to address gender bias norms in the workplace. The results of this survey, will support identifying further focus areas of research. Your responses will contribute to the insightful and critical questions we need for conducting  in-depth interviews. 

Please note:
  • This information from the survey will be used to help design the focus group sessions in March to obtain a baseline of level of knowlegdge and understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • The Bridge to Gender Equality project team (Denise Young, Project Lead and Michelle Negreiff, Project Coordinator) will have access to individual surveys and your responses will be kept private, secure and anonymous.
  • The information will not be used for any discriminatory purposes.
  • Lead researcher is Denise Young who completed a course in Ethical Research measures while completing her research project for her Masters of Arts in Communications and Technology (
Once again, we appreciate your time and participation in our survey to support our research efforts! Please visit for further project information.
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