Okay, Here's How It Works

Surveys can be fun, especially if they're short and there's a prize in the end. We offer both. We're going to choose 1 participant and give them $500 worth of Art, for free. The winner will be announced here on April 5th. Truth is, everyone wins. But to know more about that, you'll have to fill in the next 10 questions. Thanks for participating!

* 1. Which room in your home are you most interested in adding Art? Although you may be searching for multiple rooms, it's best to focus on one room (for this survey).

* 2. What size artwork are you looking for? It's best to consider the furniture that it will be placed over. For example, if it's going over a couch, than measure the length of the couch and not the entire wall. Same for a bed or even a towel rack. If it's art for a wall that has no furniture below (ie. a hallway), then indicate "no furniture" and tell us the wall length. Be as specific as you like.

* 3. Indicate 2 or 3 predominant colors in that room. If the colors are very neutral and you are looking to bring color in with the art, than you should indicate which colors you would like to see in the art.

* 4. There are many themes, styles & categories in art. Which best describes your preference?

* 5. What is your budget for artwork in that room?

* 6. Which statement best describes how much time you've invested and how you're feeling regarding your search for art for this room?

* 7. Is this the first time you have visited FramedCanvasArt's website?

* 8. What type of art are you hoping to find?

* 9. The best Art sites on the internet are the ones that offer:

* 10. We love your feedback. Perhaps there is something missing on our site? An artist, an art category, various features? When we improve our site, your experience with us improves as well. Feel free to make suggestions about the site. If it's your first time here, you might want to navigate around first, before you answer.

Please be sure to enter your email address here. Without it, we can't enter you into the draw to win $500 worth of Art. Wouldn't it be great to win?