Shetland Football Strategy

Following discussions at a meeting held in the Shetland Hotel about the future of Shetland football, it was decided to establish a steering group to look at strengthening all aspects of the game in Shetland through the development of a Shetland Football Strategy. The group has met on two occasions and presented their progress at the Shetland Football Forum on 4th October. At the forum, the group also began the process of writing a football strategy, asking those who were present to discuss a ‘Vision’ for Shetland football and share everyone’s thoughts on ‘Priorities’ for the game. It is the wish of the steering group, with agreement from all those at the Shetland Football Forum, that these questions are answered by everyone with an interest in Shetland football to gain the widest understanding of what people feel is happening across the game in Shetland. Following the Football Forum, the steering group will be growing to have representation from all partners in the game.