The Centre for Responsible Credit has obtained a grant from the Friends Provident Foundation to research local authority models of local support which will follow from DWP’s decision to localise elements of the Social Fund in April 2013.

We understand that many authorities and their potential partners will be at the early stages of developing plans but we would like to use this short on-line survey to obtain your perspectives concerning the changes, including barriers to implementation and any emerging ideas for local schemes.

The survey will also be used to assess the diversity of approaches currently being taken and the extent of relevant partnership working taking place around the issue. We will also use the survey to help identify a small sample of authorities and potential partners with which we can work in more detail moving forwards, and we have a budget to conduct qualitative research with low income households in the selected authority areas to better understand their views on the emerging models of local support. We will also, where appropriate, be able to undertake research with local credit unions in these areas in order to determine the extent to which they can complement the proposed models.

The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and responses will be treated confidentially. If you have any queries, please contact Damon Gibbons on 07961869473 or by e-mail at