Thank you for your Expression of Interest

Mental Health First Aid Australia has received funding to create a lived experience film for our new Senior Leaders session. 

We are recruiting people for our film who:

* Have positive experiences of disclosing their mental health problem to their workplace and can talk about things their workplace did to support them.

* Are comfortable speaking publicly about their experiences of managing their mental health problem at work.

* Are comfortable with the idea of potentially thousands of people seeing them talk about their experiences in a film shown during  MHFA Courses.

* Are available for filming in October 2018. We will travel to you to undertake the filming so that you can be filmed in a place where you feel comfortable. 

Full names will not be disclosed in the film and participants will be referred to by their first name only or a pseudonym (made up name) if preferred.

Note we are not able to extend this opportunity to current MHFA instructors, their partners or people that are planning to become MHFA instructors.

Please note that MHFA Australia will retain all copyright and intellectual property rights over this film. The film may be used by international organisations, which have been licensed by MHFA Australia to deliver MHFA training in their countries.

A $250 gift card is offered to individuals who are filmed for this project.