1. What are our personal stories?

The start to any college search must begin with an inward journey.  A fearless quest of self-discovery is the only  starting point to finding a college fit.  We preach the search of fit, and self-awareness to our college bound students. Where are we on that journey in our professional lives.  Have our searches helped us find fit, and can we show evidence of it.

We are asking WACAC members to step up and share their journey and their passion, as we pose to you, some of the big questions we ask our students.  Below are a series of "application-style" questions to help pull out your drive and commitment to what you do.  

Consider the below an exercises to simply make you reflect, or one to sharpen your resolve in your work.   Or, perhaps, would you share the stories with WACAC?

Can we answer the questions we so profoundly expect our students to?

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* 2. Would you be willing to share this story with WACAC members?  You would be contacted first with specific on making the below available to members.  Your story may be shared via: newsletter, email, blogs or at conference sessions.