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For the past year, KSC Business has been praying for your business, your ministry, or your organization each week on Thursday fro 10-11am.

We have stood in agreement with each one of you by the power of the Holy Spirit for divine wisdom, favor, appointments and kingdom results. We have been asking God to show up with miracles, signs and wonders to bring increased resourcing, strong relationships with clients & employees, and favored status with suppliers.

We have received an increasing number of confirmations that God is showing up in creative and unique ways to reveal His favor and blessing.

We pray and hope that you are seeing some of the results that many are experiencing. We encourage you to be courageous in agreement with us and God about you and for you!

Would you be willing to report what you are experiencing currently, so that we may advance in prayer on your behalf? Would you invest a few moments (less than 5 minutes) to let us know how God has been showing up for you & your organization?