Thank you for your interest in contributing to our MyInterest Video! We’re excited to share our members’ unique seasonal crafts and hobbies with the Panera Community.

You’ll be asked to tell us about your special craft or hobby. Once we have reviewed all submissions, we may reach out to select members for more information. Nothing will be published or shared without your approval. Please keep in mind that we’ll be selecting submissions with the intention of capturing the selected member(s) in action, in front of the camera! Select videos may be posted to Panera’s YouTube channel.

If you’re chosen to participate in the creation of a video about your special craft or hobby, in order to participate you’ll be required to sign certain documents which will ask you to confirm, among other things, that you’re 18 or older, that the information you’ll provide as part of the video won’t violate third party rights (including intellectual property rights), and that you’ll grant Panera unlimited rights in the video.

Please see the MyPanera Program Terms,, for information about our use of your responses to this survey.

-your friends at MyPanera