MyHealth Migrants/Refugees Questionnaire

MYHEALTH ( is a EU funded project which aims to improve the healthcare access of vulnerable immigrants and refugees by developing and implementing models based on the knowhow of a European multidisciplinary network.

By the means of this survey, we wish to understand more concretely the needs in the views of the migrants and refugees, to improve your access to healthcare. The results of this survey will be included in the Needs Analysis report to be published in Septemebr 2018.

Read all the information requested and collect them before answering.
Response options could be:
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- text -> you have to write what requested
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* 1. What is your country of origin?

* 2. Where do you live now (country)?

* 3. Year of Birth

* 4. Year of arrival in Europe

* 5. Sex/Gender

* 6. Did you migrate:

* 7. Migration route:

* 8. Do you have other family or friends living in your new country?

* 9. What was the main reason for leaving your country?

* 10. What are your local language skills?  (0 very poor, 10 native)

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 11. Did you know how to obtain access to and/or how the healthcare system works in this country when you arrived?

* 12. If you know, who gave you this information?

* 13. Were you alone/accompanied when obtaining service access?

* 14. Nowadays, do you have access to public healthcare?

* 15. In case you don’t, do you have access to non-public healthcare?

* 16. When you have a new health concern, where do you go to?

* 17. Have you ever faced any barriers when accessing any health or social care service in your new country? If yes, could you identify them?

* 18. Have you used interpreter services/mediators/community agents in health and social care?

* 19. Do you trust your healthcare professionals here ( medical doctors, nurses, midwife nurses)? (please grade from 0 to 10, 0 no confidence at all, 10 very confident)

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 20. If you had to give a mark to your state of health, what would it be?

  Very bad Excellent
Before leaving your country
When you first arrived to Europe

* 21. What health problems worry you the most?

* 22. What could hospitals/clinics and/or health professionals do to provide better care for you?

* 23. Which is the best way to do this training?

* 24. Are you currently diagnosed with any diseases?

* 25. Have you experienced any of the following in your migration process?:

* 26. If you have had any of these experiences, do you have anyone here to talk about it with?

* 27. To finalise this survey today, please tell us overall how "satisfied" or "not at all satisfied" are you with it? ( 1 being Not at all Satisfied, 5 being very satisfied)