MyHT Brandon Client Experience Questionnaire

Prairie Mountain Health wants to provide the best care and services possible.  It is important to hear about your experience in order to make improvements to the way we provide care. Please take a few moments of your valuable time to answer this questionnaire by selecting the response that best describes your experience. Your personal information is not being shared or documented.

* 1. I learned about My Health Team from:

* 2. I use the following My Health Team resources - Check all that apply

* 3. I was given information about other supports/programs available in the community

* 4. I used the information or services to make healthier choices and improve my situation

* 5. I saw the right provider for my situation

* 6. I was able to get an appointment when I needed one

* 7. I am satisfied with the clinic hours and access to the providers

* 8. The provider spent the right amount of time with me

* 9. I made my appointment via:

* 10. When checking in at reception, I was dealt with in a professional, respectful manner

* 11. The room where I met my provider was professional and comfortable

* 12. The clinic location is accessible and easy to find

* 13. I would rate my overall clinic experience as satisfactory

* 14. My Health Team Provider(s) - Check all that apply

* 15. My Health Team Provider(s) discussed the following with me today - Check all that apply

* 16. What has been the most helpful thing about the My Health Team?

* 17. Is there anything we could do to improve your level of satisfaction with our care?

* 18. Other Comments