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Investigators:  A/Prof. Bronwyn Hemsley (UON), Ms Jacqueline Meredith (UON), Ms. Louisa Walsh (Deakin), Prof. Susan Balandin (Deakin), A/Prof. Andrew Georgiou (Macquarie Uni), Dr. Sophie Hill (La Trobe), Prof. Isabel Higgins (UON), Mr. Shaun McCarthy (UON), Dr. Nathan Wilson (Western Sydney Uni), Ms Meredith Allan (Deakin).
You are invited to participate in this survey research, which is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia. This research will improve our understanding of the ways that medical practices are using the My Health Record, including user experiences of any benefits and risks, and inform strategies to (a) improve the way the My Health Record is used, and (b) enhance benefits and minimise risks of using My Health Record.
  • This survey is for Australian medical practitioners (GPs, Specialists); Practice Nurses; and Practice Managers. Participation involves doing an online survey about your views on using My Health Record. The survey is open from 1/8/17 to 22/1/18. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. There are 5 demographic questions, and 12 questions about use of the My Health Record.
  • The first question in the survey asks you to provide your work telephone number and address. This is only collected to verify your eligibility to take part, and will be removed from the data prior to analysis. For this reason, you cannot withdraw after you have taken part. You can give or withhold permission for (a) us to email you a summary of the research findings, and (b) us to contact you if there is a need to clarify any of your survey responses. Participation in this research is entirely your choice. If you do not wish to take part, do not proceed to the survey. There is no benefit and no risks to you by participating in this research. No government or non-government agency or department is provided any information about the location of practices or participants in the study.
  • All information relating to the study, including information on participants, is confidential. After collection, the data is downloaded to the University of Newcastle secure server and removed from Survey Monkey. The data is stored on a password-protected computer in the University of Newcastle office of A/Prof. Bronwyn Hemsley. All identifying information is removed from the data prior to storage and analysis and no information that would reveal participants or their Medical Practices will be reported.
  • We ask that participants not use any patient or practice details in their responses, however if this occurs this detail will be removed and not reported. We will not tell any other person that you have taken part in the study. You may tell other people about your participation in the study.
  • The results of this study will be analysed and written up into peer reviewed journal articles, and presented in conference papers, University publications, and potentially the media (e.g., newspapers, TV). No information about individual participants will be provided. 
If you want to take part, press OK then NEXT for the survey questions, and this will be taken as your implied consent to participate. You can exit the survey at any time. 
If you have further questions, please contact 
A/Prof Bronwyn Hemsley 
Complaints about this research: This project has been approved by the University of Newcastle's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Approval No. H- [2014-0041]. Should you have concerns about your rights as a participant in this research, or you have a complaint about the manner in which the research is conducted, it may be given to the researcher, or, if an independent person is preferred, to the University's HREC, NIER Precinct, (02) 49216333