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The BCAN 2017 My Bladder Cancer Story Campaign will feature personal stories from those affected by bladder cancer, including current patients, survivors, caregivers and loved ones of those who have passed away from bladder cancer. By submitting your information to the My Bladder Cancer Story Campaign you give permission to have your story featured across multiple BCAN platforms including social media, newsletters, marketing materials, and more.

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* 6. What information would you like to share about your diagnosis? (Share a little about what was like before your diagnosis. Did you have signs/symptoms? Was it easy to get your diagnosis? What tests did you have?)

* 7. What treatments have you or your loved one experienced? (Please check all that apply.)

* 8. Tell us about your experience with your bladder cancer treatment. (What was it like for you? For your family? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them?)

* 9. How has your life changed because of your experience with bladder cancer?

* 10. What role has BCAN played in your bladder cancer story?

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