* 1. What type of MS are you currently diagnosed with?

* 2. When were you first diagnosed with MS?

* 3. Are you being treated with a disease modifying therapy (DMT)? Please answer below with the name of your  treatment/therapy drug? If no, please choose one or more of the "No" answers below, or give your own reason for not choosing or continuing treatment under "Other".

* 4. Did you have to ask to be treated with a DMT?

* 5. Which if any hospital is treating you for your MS?

* 6. Are you being seen by an MS specialist neurologist (a neurologist who only deals with MS) : what is the name of  your neurologist?

* 7. Is the nurse you usually see

* 8. If you are receiving a DMT how soon after diagnosis, did your treatment with disease modifying drugs begin (that is for any of the drugs listed in Q3 of this questionnaire)?

* 9. Please click if you have had, or have been offered access, (in the last 12 months) to advice from a number of the following specialists  as recommended by NICE

Please also use  "Other" to identify other professionals or services not listed in this question that may have been helpful to you. 

* 10. Have you had (as recommended by NICE) an annual Review since you were diagnosed?  A Review should consider current symptoms,  treatment effectiveness (Including MRI scan), the disease course, general health, social activity, care needs and carers. If none of the answers below describe your situation; please describe it, in "Other"