1. Muscatine County Comprehensive Land Use Plan Input Survey

33% of survey complete.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about Muscatine County, Iowa. The County is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Your input is important to help guide future development in the county. Should you have any questions, please contact Jodee Stepleton at (563)263-0482 Ext. 112 or e-mail at jstepleton@co.muscatine.ia.us.

Please fill out this questionnaire for your household or business in Muscatine County. Respondents are asked to be age 18 or older. For each question, please mark the item that best represents your opinion.

* 1. How would you rate your overall quality of life in Muscatine County, Iowa?

* 2. In general, how well does the Muscatine County government operate?

* 3. How do you rate Muscatine County as a place to raise children?

* 4. What three things do you like most about living in Muscatine County?

* 5. What do you think will be the three biggest problems that Muscatine County will face within the next ten years?

* 6. Name three types of businesses you would like to see locate in Muscatine County.

* 7. How would you rank the contribution of the following land uses to Muscatine County's economy from most important (#1) to least important (#7)?

* 8. Rate the quality of each of the following County area services/facilities that serve you.

  Very Good Good Neither Good nor Bad Bad Very Bad Don't Know
Roadway Repair
Ease of Travel by Car
Ease of Travel by Bicycle
Ease of Travel by Public Transit
Law Enforcement
Fire Protection District
Emergency Medical Services Provider
Recreation Areas
Open Space
Public Health Services
Solid Waste Disposal
Drinking Water Quality
Stormwater Management
Telecommunications (Telephone, Cable TV, Internet)
Accessibility for People of Disability
Building Permitting Process

* 9. Please indicate your opinion based on the following statements. Muscatine County should:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Direct development into Cities to accommodate future growth.
Pursue an aggressive agricultural preservation policy.
Encourage industrial development that is designed to blend with adjacent properties.
Consider large scale manufacturing activities in the county.
Encourage new commercial areas in unincorporated areas.
Prevent repetitive losses from flooding and other disasters.
Require green/open space for new residential subdivisions.
Buffer rural residential development from agriculture.
Expand the commercial/industrial/manufacturing tax base.
Encourage more multiple family developments, apartments, townhouses & condominiums, to locate in Cities.
Allow developers/market to determine the type and location of future development.
Look at environmental issues such as wetland protection, tree/habitat protection, erosion control & stormwater management when considering new development.
Encourage air emission reduction strategies countywide.